{ Prelude }

For most of history, anonymous was a woman.

Virginia Woolf

Most of what we know about history lies at the surface, but the intricate truths of it live in the roots.

History, itself, is a reflection of the whole, not the half. But for most of women’s history, too much of it has been shrouded in doubt and hypocrisy. It’s riddled, in fact, with sociological archetypes that aggregate patriarchal ideology and its largely predetermined, subservient roles for each sex. 

Women, after all, have always had to fight for the rights men inherently receive at birth. It’s no wonder, then, that women’s history has deeper roots than the rest. 

For too long, stories have been erased, ignored, or forgotten. Even in today’s history textbooks, only 13% of historical figures are women. And while Pocahontas, Betsy Ross, and Susan B. Anthony achieved great feats, there are more that deserve the spotlight as well.

Hundreds, if not thousands of women’s life stories are still buried by the great abyss of time. Life’s of courage, determination, resilience, strength, and persistence, waiting to be fully acknowledged for their rightful place in history. The aim of this blog is to fill in some of those gaps that history left behind.

In 1896, Nellie Bly, a renegading muckraker reporter at the time, asked Susan B. Anthony, “What do you think the new woman will be?” Anthony replied, “She’ll be free.”

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